Focusing on Your Workforce

Through Training, Education, and Development your journey continues with our unique, hands-on critical equipment skills and knowledge course work. Our classes are specifically created to incorporate customized procedures from your business, your industry criteria or OEM standards – all based on the needs of your workforce, business goals, and equipment.

The right training at the right time gives your company the ability to:

  • Plan and schedule
  • Work efficiently
  • Eliminate non-value added activities
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve performance and production time
  • Minimize failures
  • Optimize machine life with proper planning and scheduling
  • Improve backlog management
  • Identify issues before they happen
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve safety
  • Right the first time
  • Eliminate waste
Training Pyramid

Fusion TPM provides in-depth and hands-on skills training in these 4 levels:

Training is based on your organization’s workforce, enabling and empowering your team with appropriate knowledge and skills.

To work with your organization’s needs, Fusion TPM can offer more than 150 separate training, education, and development programs, customized to your specific needs and expected outcomes and delivered in various formats.

  • Train On-site
    On your site – local and national reach
  • Train at Fusion HQ
    At Fusion TPM Headquarters
  • Train at Cooperating Community Colleges
    At cooperating community and technical college locations

Classes List & Description

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